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Enjoy videos and transcripts of a variety of lectures on the history of the Church.

Featured Lectures:

Prophecies Precede History

Presented by Néstor Curbelo

Book of Mormon prophets spoke about the spiritual destiny of the people who would come to the American continent. Néstor Curbelo will review the history of convert pioneers in Latin American countries, showing that the experiences of these people help to fulfill the inspired revelations and prophecies of the ancient prophets.

“That They Might Not Suffer”

Presented by Sharon Eubank

Over the past 30 years, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has formed partnerships with the International Red Cross, Catholic Relief Services, CARE, and other experienced agencies, helping to establish the foundation for LDS Charities, the humanitarian arm of the Church. Sharon Eubank describes the evolution of the Church’s efforts to care for the poor and needy on a global scale and discusses what members can do to help wherever they live.

Learning Lessons of Faith from the History of the Church in Africa

Presented by Matthew K. Heiss

The majority of Latter-day Saints in Africa are first-generation pioneers who joined the Church following the 1978 revelation that extended the priesthood to every worthy male member. Matthew K. Heiss will present the stories of these incredible Saints and discuss what their journeys teach us about faith, enduring to the end, and understanding the blessings that the gospel brings into our lives.