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Enjoy videos and transcripts of a variety of lectures on the history of the Church.

Featured Lectures:

The Church in Italy: A Personal and Ecclesiastical History

Presented by Dr. Mauro Properzi

Using both research and personal experience as an Italian Latter-day Saint, Mauro Properzi highlights the history of the Church in Italy.

Housewife in a Foreign War Zone

Presented by Kate Holbrook

Learn about Carol Gray, a British housewife, and her impact on war-torn Yugoslavia in the next Church History Library lecture.

“The Power Is in Them”: How Church History Helps Latter-day Saints in Developing Countries

Presented by Brett Macdonald

In developing areas of the world where The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is emerging, the stories of early Mormon pioneers can help create a sense of belonging and offer encouragement to people confronting these pioneer-like challenges.