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Sixth Crossing

Rescuers arrived just in time to save many members of the Willie handcart company at their sixth crossing of the Sweetwater River. Today the area features a visitors’ center.

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The River, the Hollow, and the Cove: Places of Gathering and Rescue

As you immerse yourself in this visually rich presentation, ponder reasons why Mormon pioneers left their homelands, traversed rugged trails, and helped those in need.

Interactive Map: Mormon Handcart Trail—Zoomed to the Wyoming Plains

Learn about different sites in Wyoming and why they were significant for the Latter-day Saint pioneers who pushed and pulled handcarts.

Pioneer Journeys – More Than a Trek

Watch this short video to see how Latter-day Saints connect with early Mormon pioneers. Why did the pioneers make such great sacrifices? What can we learn from them today?

Time Line: Rescues of the Willie and Martin Handcart Companies and the Hodgetts and Hunt Wagon Companies

Study this time line to see the differences and similarities between the rescues of the Willie handcart company, the Martin handcart company, and the Hodgetts and Hunt wagon companies.

Five Things You Might Not Know about the Handcart Rescue

How much do you know about the rescue of the Willie and Martin handcart companies? Some of the information in this article might surprise you.

How the Rescue of Handcart Pioneers Helped Revive the Relief Society

Read inspiring accounts of women in Utah who were just as heroic as the rescuers who left home to save the stranded Mormon pioneers.

Remembering Handcart Pioneers in the Sweetwater Valley

Expand your understanding of the struggles, triumphs, and lasting influence of the Latter-day Saints who pushed and pulled handcarts to the Salt Lake Valley.

Interactive Map: Mormon Handcart Trail

Learn about the trail used by Latter-day Saints who traveled to Utah Territory between 1847 and 1869.

Time Line: U.S. Migration, Mormon Emigration, and the Handcart Experiment

Examine major events of migration that took place between 1805 and 1869 in what is now the western United States of America.

Journeying to Zion by Handcart: One Young Woman’s Experience

Read about Kirsten Ericksen, a pioneer from Denmark who pulled a handcart to the Salt Lake Valley. She told of the challenges she faced and the blessings she received.

An Artist’s Record of Daily Life on the Trail

Discover insights about the day-to-day experiences of Mormon pioneers as you examine a painting by C. C. A. Christensen, a member of one of the handcart companies.

Pioneer Sketches: Depicting the Sweetwater Valley in the 1800s

See the Sweetwater Valley through the eyes of explorers, soldiers, and pioneers who followed the California, Oregon, and Mormon Trails in the early 1800s.