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of the Restoration

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3 Little-Known Details about Zion’s Camp

While there are many fascinating stories and facts about the Zion’s Camp expedition, here are three you may not have heard before.

The First Vision: A Narrative from Joseph Smith’s Accounts

Joseph Smith left four personal accounts of the First Vision. Combined, these accounts are a rich resource, providing Latter-day Saints with a greater understanding of this significant event. The following retelling of the story of the First Vision combines details from each of the accounts.

“Owing to the Many Reports”: Different Accounts for Different Audiences

Many of the small differences between Joseph Smith’s accounts of the First Vision relate to the circumstances surrounding each account. Joseph Smith addressed different audiences under different circumstances and emphasized different aspects of the experience. The 1838 account, now recorded in the Pearl of Great Price, was intended for publication in Joseph Smith’s official history and is the most complete account of the First Vision on record.