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Cove Fort

Open the gate to Cove Fort. This unique home was once a peaceful stopping place for travelers.

Priesthood Restoration Site

Experience the places where the Aaronic Priesthood was restored, where Joseph Smith translated most of the Book of Mormon, and where Emma Smith grew up.

Historic Palmyra

Unfold an interactive map, join Joseph Smith on his journey to the Sacred Grove, and visit places that were important to the coming forth of the Book of Mormon.

Whitmer Farm in Fayette, New York

Learn about Peter and Mary Whitmer’s farm, where Joseph Smith finished translating the Book of Mormon and organized the restored Church of Jesus Christ.

Joseph Smith Jr. Birthplace in Sharon, Vermont

Gain insights about Joseph Smith’s heritage of faith, dedication, and sacrifice as you learn about his family and the place he was born.

Tabernacle to Temple: Provo’s Legacy of Worship

The Provo City Center Temple incorporates materials and designs from the Utah Stake Tabernacle that caught fire in 2010. Learn about the houses of worship that have been built on this city block since the 1850s.