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Ask of God: Joseph Smith’s First Vision

Short film produced by the Church History Museum depicting the First Vision based on Joseph Smith’s accounts.

Grace and Faith: The Story of Jane Manning James

Jane Manning James embraced the restored gospel as a free Black woman in 1841 and walked more than 800 miles to join the Saints in Nauvoo. In 1847 her family was the first African American family to arrive in the Salt Lake Valley. Jerri A. Harwell’s one-woman theater vignette brings to life the struggles and faith of Jane and her family.  

Joseph Smith’s Personal Effects from the Nauvoo Legion

Museum Treasures

A blue woolen cloak, brass epaulets, a sword and scabbard, and a pistol stand among the Prophet Joseph Smith’s personal effects as evidence of his position as lieutenant general in the Nauvoo Legion.

Pioneer Journeys—More Than a Trek

Latter Day Saints often go to great lengths to honor Mormon Pioneers. Their appreciation deepens when they come to understand why the pioneers did what they did. 

Joseph Smith: Prophet and City Leader

Museum Treasures

The sign that once labeled Joseph Smith’s office in Nauvoo’s Red Brick Store draws attention to his position as prophet, yet it hung in a place where he filled many additional roles.