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Ballinger, Pearson, [Autobiographical sketch], in Andrew Jenson, comp., Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia [1971], 2:124.

We moved from Quincy to Florence, Neb., where we resided six weeks, and then started on our journey across the plains in Captain Brunson's company. We left Florence with a blind pony and two cows, the cows furnishing milk and butter sufficient for our needs. We got along all right until we were three hundred miles from Salt Lake when one of the cows gave out. The Captain of the company told me to ask Bro. Williams for another cow to assist me on my journey, as he had plenty, but he refused to let me have one. I then prayed concerning it, after which my cow was able to travel and stood the rest of the journey well. The company followed along in the old 'Mormon' trail, passing close to the Carthage jail, and crossed the river at Keokuk. We arrived in Salt Lake City Aug. 29, 1862.