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"Emigrants for Utah," Deseret News [Weekly], 6 Aug. 1856, 176.

James Cooper, W. F. Fream, A. Maltha, E. Brunson wife and 2 children, George Russell; S. A. [Samuel A.] Woolley, L. H. Mausley [Louis Henry Mousley], F. Raymond, S. [Stephen] Golding, wife and 3 children, E. Steele, James Steele, H. M. Turner, wife and 2 children, A. J. Turner, J. W. Hammer, Jeter Clinton, B. P. Brown, Henry Eckells, wife and 2 children, Samuel Cursley and wife, Abraham Hayes, Charles Hammer, Frances Nash.

Elisha Edwards, David P. [Pinkney] Rainey and wife, Thomas Singleton, wife and 2 children, Archibald Kerr, wife and 2 children, McCaslin Frost and wife, Charles Singleton, William Maylett and wife, Samuel Rudd, Edward Rudd, Matthew Moore; William Sanders, wife and 3 children, George [Sloan] Bailey, wife and 3 children, William Smith, wife and 4 children, Joseph Clark, wife and 2 children, John [Henry] Craghead, wife and 5 children.

E. B. [Enoch Bartlett] Tripp, Phebe Weltan, Daniel Munns, wife and 3 children, John Simperley, wife and 4 children, Francis Miller, John Ashcroft, wife and 4 children, Samuel Philips [Phillips], Joseph Roe, Thomas H. [Huskinson] Giles, wife and 4 children, Thomas Rasband, wife and 2 children, William Giles, wife and 6 children, George Giles, wife and 1 child, Harriet Green, John Crook, George Spratley, James Haggard [Hoggard] , wife and 4 children, Ann Roe.

Francis A. [Almon] Brown, wife and 2 children, Augustus P. Canfield, Hannah H. Brown, Joel A. [Almon] Bascom, Lucina A. Burton, Henry I. Runnels, wife and 4 children, Colinan Toplin [Joplin] and wife, F. Woodard, Susannah [Pilling] Laycock and 3 children, George and Eliza S. [Sophia Brown] Rust, M. C. Kinsman, Nancy Kilbreath and 1 child, Catherine Brown and 2 children, William Black, Frederick Spat and wire, Lawrence Fry, Samuel Vowels.

Edwin Whiting, Samuel Crain, wife and 5 children, Gilbert Avery, wife and 4 children, [Thomas] Jefferson Dimick, wife and 6 children, William G. Palmer, wife and 3 children, Joseph and Henry Field, William Nowell and wife, James McCloud, Jesse [Askew] Tye, John Burlston.


Edmund Ellsworth, Thomas Fowler, Thomas Passey, Eliza Robinson, Mary Ann Bates, Mary Ann Meadows, Andrew Galloway, wife and child, David Bowen, William Harmon, Edward Frost, wife and 2 children; Elizabeth Franklin, Eleanor Hill, Sarah Ann Sprig, James Shinnsen [Sheen], and 12 children; Ann [Perkins] Price and 2 children, Eleanor Vaughan, Mary Mays [Mayo], Alexander Stevenson, wife and 7 children, George Clark [Clarke], wife and 3 children; Thomas Ivins, John Powell, wife and 6 children; Daniel Jones, wife and 6 children; Mary Ann Baker and 5 children; John Lloyd, wife and 6 children; Wm. Green.

Arthur [Archer] Walters, wife and 5 children; John Devenoux [Devereaux], Thomas Richins, wife and child; Mary Ann Jones, Thos. [Thomas Bradford] Bourne, wife and 6 children; John Robinson, wife and 4 children; George Hanson, wife and child; James Birch, wife and 3 children; Absalam [Absalom] Frisby, Ann Ham, Hannah Baldwin, John Ash, Jr., wife and 2 children, Richard Preater [Preator], wife and 2 children; Hester [Esther] and Hannah Jones; Hannah [Chapman] Goodworth, and 4 persons; John Chapman, James Murray, Henry Moss, George Warding [Waring], George Williams, James Bowers, wife and 6 children.

Samuel Bond, wife and 2 children; Walter Sanders and 3 children; Eliza Jeffries, Richard Sheltar [Shelton], Joseph Argyle, wife and 6 children; William Pratt, wife and 4 children; William Morriss [Morris] and wife; James and Sabina Jones; Jas. [James] Bailey, wife and 5 children; C. H. Briggs [Charles H. Bridges], William Birch and wife; Elizabeth Walker, Abraham Hurst [Hunt] and wife; John Lee, wife and 6 children; Sarah and Joseph Ash; Jon Wellings [Job Welling], wife and child; John [Rowe] Moyle, wife and 5 children; John Bunney and wife; John Dunney [Doney] and wife; William Yeo, William Butler and wife; John Oakley, Robert Stodart [Stoddart], wife and 12 persons.

Elizabeth Taylor, Henry Walker and wife; John Kettle, wife and 6 children; Thomas Eldridge [Eldredge], wife and child; Joseph Rasdell and wife; Sarah Marshall and 6 children; Maria Good [Goode], John A. Phillips, George Nappriss [Neppress], John Lewis and child; Thomas and Benjamin Lloyd; John Henwood, Jane Lewis, Elizabeth Henwood, and 2 children; James [Constable] and Ann [Miller] Warner; Sarah T. [Sarah Jane] Miller, William Brough, Elizabeth and Emma Walker, James and Mary Commonder [Commander], Alice Brough.


Walter Grainger, wife and 5 children; William K. [Knox] Aitken and 2 children; Ellen Wandles; Ellen Wandles, jr.; Mary Mathierson [Mathieson]; Thomas Gallup [Gallop] and wife; James Reid, wife and 4 children; George Muir, wife and 2 children; John Frew, wife and 4 children; Alex. McDonald; Agnes Stewart and 3 children.

Hugh Clotworthy, wife and 4 children; Mary McGowan; Joseph McDougall [McDougal]; John McDonald; William Johnstone [Johnston]; wife and 4 children; John Bell, wife and 2 children; Elizabeth Shields; David Chambers, wife and son; A. M. [Anna M.] Randall and son; Elizabeth and Emma M. Burdett; William Hall; Samuel Hargraves, wife and 7 children; William Finlay [Findley], wife and child.

William Meikle, wife and 2 children; Mary Hay; Agnes [Adamson] Anderson, wife and 2 children; Richard Kennington, wife and 5 children; Mary Ann Bone; Robert Parker, wife and 4 children; Bedson Eardley and wife; Mary Bathgate and daughter; William Lawson; George Peacock; John Gray, wife and 4 children; James Crawford; Elizabeth [Cumming] Reed [Reid].

Elizabeth Twiddle [Tweddle]; Catherine Grainger; James Dechman [or Dickman]; John Dreany [or Dramey], wife and 2 children; Isabella Park; James Gardner, mother and 4 children; Neil P. [Peter] and Georgeina [Georgine Maria Keller] Ipson; Sarah Smart; Hannah Hodgetts; Peter and Elizabeth Richardson; George Johnstone [Johnston], wife and child; Janet Hardie, and 5 children; Andrew Smith; Anna Furer [Furrer]; Josephine Ludut [or Ludert] and child; Henry E. [Ebenezer] Bowring, wife and child.

William and Maria Wright; Rebecca [Wood] Sanderson and 2 children; William Hillhouse, wife and 8 children; Elizabeth Maxwell, and 5 children; Elizabeth Dorrech [Darragh]; Ellen Russell; Elizabeth Maxwell, Mary Gale; Patrick [Twiss] Birmingham, wife and 3 children; Thomas Lucas, wife and 3 children; William Lawrenson, wife and 2 children; Mary Baranigan [Brannigan]; Elizabeth Morehouse; William Heator [Heaton], wife and 2 children; John McClare [McCleve], wife and 7 children; Henrich Elliker, wife and 7 children; John Schies, and wife; Susannah Bruner; Ralph Ramsay, wife and child; Margaret Dowule [Downie].