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Sarah Scott Stewart

The Stewart family traveled to the Salt Lake Valley with the Justus Morse Company in 1850.  Andrew Jackson was captain of the third division.  The Stewart family consisted of Andrew Jackson and Eunice Pease Quimby Haws, their children Sarah Catherine and Andrew Jackson, Jr., and Andrew’s mother Sarah Scott.

On 7 July, the captain Justus Morse resigned his command, and Andrew Jackson was asked by Morse to be the captain, but he resigned.  As a result, the company was disbanded.  On 8 July, Shadrach Roundy’s company passed by, and that is when the Stewarts joined their company.


Justus Morse Company (1850)Approximate age at departure: 65
Shadrach Roundy Company (1850)Approximate age at departure: 65


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  • Church History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 1850 Utah Census, Utah County

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