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William Thomas Higginson

Although the evidence is not conclusive, he probably traveled as an out-and-back teamster in the Preston company. He traveled from Salt Lake to Florence in the large contingent of eastbound teamsters whose captain was Preston. They then divided up into several companies with different captains to return to Utah. Circumstantial evidence places him in the same company as Christina Young, who he married only weeks after arriving in Salt Lake City. Evidence that she traveled in the Preston company is also circumstantial, being based on the date (September 8) she said she arrived in Salt Lake City. According to news reports, the Preston company was camped near the city on September 9 and arrived in the city on September 10. The Preston company's arrival date is the closest of any company's arrival to the date recalled by Christina Young. Lacking a roster for the Preston company, that is the sole reason for adding her to the company, and by extension, for also adding William Higginson.



  • Higginson, William T., to E. L. Davies, 11 Dec. 1911, Hatch, Idaho.
  • Trail Excerpt
  • Source Location
  • Church History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah