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John Elmer

Evidence from church, newspaper, and genealogical records proves he traveled to Utah in 1851. He appeared on the 1850 Iowa census, enumerated in Oct. 1850. He was on the 1852 Bishop's Report. He received his endowments in Salt Lake in March 1852. These events narrow the window of his travel to Utah to 1851. Other family traditions claim that he came in the 1852 Uriah Curtis company, but that is incorrect. He could have only traveled to Utah in 1851.


John G. Smith Company (1851)Age at departure: 72


  • "Registry of Names of Persons Residing in the Various Wards as to Bishops' Reports, Great Salt Lake City, Dec. 28th, A.D. 1852." In Wright, Norman Edgar, ed., Key to Migration Sources Great Britain and North America.  

  • Source Location
  • Church History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 1850 Iowa Census
  • Source Location
  • Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah