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Laura Johanne Swensen

from Denmark; with her family, her grandmother, uncle, and his family; when they were ready to cross the plains the company was too large and her uncle's family traveled with another division



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  • Internet Web Site
  • Fowers, Laura Swenson, Autobiography of Laura Johanna Swendson Fowers, 1. (Trail excerpt transcribed from "Pioneer History Collection" available at Pioneer Memorial Museum [Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum], Salt Lake City, Utah. Some restrictions apply.)
  • Trail Excerpt
  • Source Location
  • Pioneer Memorial Museum (Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum), Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Our Pioneer Heritage, vol. 12, p. 95
  • Ship Passenger and Manifest Lists/Mormon Migration

  • Trail Excerpt
  • Source Location
  • Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah