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David Hall

and family


Lewis Brunson Company (1862)Age at departure: 33


  • "Arrival of Captain Bronson’s Company," Deseret News [Weekly], 3 Sep. 1862, 78.
  • Trail Excerpt
  • Source Location
  • Church History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Family Tree

  • Source Location
  • Internet Web Site
  • Hall, David, [Reply to questions], in L. D. S. Individual Histories, Utah: Cannonville, Charleston, Grandview, Hooper, Lakeview, Logan, Marriott (1944), 145.
  • Source Location
  • Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Journal History, 29 Aug. 1862, p. 3