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Joseph Willard Larsen

born en route 25 Aug.


John Taylor Company (1860)Approximate age at departure: Infant


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  • Internet Web Site
  • Jones, Johanna Christena Larson, [Reminiscences], in Our Pioneer Heritage, 20 vols. [1958-77], 4:70.
  • Source Location
  • Church History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Jones, Johanna Christena Larson, Autobiography of Mrs. Johanna Christena Larsen Jones, 4. (Trail excerpt transcribed from "Pioneer History Collection" available at Pioneer Memorial Museum [Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum], Salt Lake City, Utah. Some restrictions apply.)
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  • Pioneer Memorial Museum (Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum), Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Utah Death Certificate.

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  • Utah State Archives and Records Service