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Niels Christian Olsen

The Olsen family traveled separately in three groups to the Salt Lake Valley because they didn’t have the funds to all travel together.  First, James Olsen traveled without his parents or siblings in 1853 with the John E. Forsgren Company.  He sailed on the Monarch of the Sea in 1853. 

His parents, Christen Jensen and Ann Nielsen, and his siblings Niels Christian, Else Marie, and Methe Kristine sailed from Liverpool on the Jesse Munn in 1854.  In St. Louis, Methe died of Cholera.  The rest of the family traveled with the Hans Peter Olsen Company to the Salt Lake Valley.

The remaining sisters Caroline Karen Marie, Christine, and Nicolina sailed on the Westmoreland in 1857.  They traveled to the Salt Lake Valley with the Christian Christiansen Company in 1857.


Hans Peter Olsen Company (1854)Approximate age at departure: 7


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