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    Swiss Mission

    Founded 1850

    Previous Mission Names

    Swiss and Italian, Swiss, Italian, and German

    Mission Summary

    On 24 November 1850 the Swiss Mission was organized. The Swiss and Italian Mission was created when the Italian Mission was closed and absorbed into the Swiss Mission in 1854. In 1861 the German Mission closed and was joined with the Swiss and Italian Mission becoming the Swiss, Italian, and German Mission. The country of the Netherlands was separated to become a new mission in 1864. A few years later, the Swiss, Italian, and German Mission became the Swiss and German Mission. In 1898, the mission split once more into the Swiss Mission and the German Mission. However, a few years later they recombined into the Swiss-German Mission, which was renamed the Swiss Austrian Mission in early 1938 before being renamed in November of that year to the Swiss Mission.

    Mission Details


    Switzerland Zurich Mission history, 1850-1977, Church History Library.

    Chronological history of the mission containing information about missionaries, members, and units, compiled from mission reports, journals, news articles, and other documents.

    Zion’s Panier.

    The German-language periodical for the Swiss Mission, Zion’s Panier ran from 1 November 1851 until 1 February 1852. It was printed at Hamburg, Germany.

    Die Reform der Heiligen der Letzten Tage.

    Serving as the official periodical of the Swiss, Italian, and German Mission, Die Reform was printed in German at Geneva, Switzerland, by John L. Smith from September 1862 to February 1864.