Swiss and German Mission

    Founded 1868 Closed 1938

    Previous Mission Names

    Swiss-German Mission, Swiss-Austrian Mission

    Mission Summary

    Since missionary work was not progressing in Italy, at the beginning of 1868 the Swiss, Italian, and German Mission was changed into the Swiss and German Mission. Thirty years later the mission split into the Swiss Mission and the German Mission. Those two recombined on 22 May 1904 to become the Swiss-German Mission. It was renamed the Swiss-Austrian Mission briefly in 1938 before becoming the Swiss Mission once more in November of that year.

    Mission Details


    Switzerland Zurich Mission history, 1850-1977, Church History Library.

    Chronological history of the mission containing information about missionaries, members, and units, compiled from mission reports, journals, news articles, and other documents.

    Der Stern

    Published by the German-language missions, Der Stern began its run in 1869. It became the official German-language magazine for the Church in 1968. It was renamed Liahona in 2000.