French Mission

    Founded 1850

    Mission Summary

    The French Mission was organized 18 June 1850. It was closed in 1864, though missionary work did continue under the direction of the other missions in Europe. On 15 October 1912 the mission was reorganized, but it was closed two years later, on 18 September 1914, due to the outbreak of World War I. A few years after the war, the French Mission was reorganized from the Swiss-German Mission and the Netherlands Mission in December 1923. It remained open until World War II, closing on 14 December 1939 due to the war. On 23 April 1946 the mission reopened once again.

    Mission Details


    French Mission history, 1849-1977, Church History Library.

    Chronological history of the mission containing information about missionaries, members, and units, compiled from mission reports, journals, news articles, and other documents.

    Étoile du Déséret

    Periodical of the French Mission from May 1851 until April 1852.

    Le Réflecteur

    It replaced Etoile du Déséret and ran from January to December 1853.


    Official periodical of the French Mission and the Saints in French-speaking Europe starting in 1928.