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Time Line: The Smith Family in New England

12 July 1771

Joseph Smith Sr. (1771–1840) is born to Asael (1744–1830) and Mary Duty Smith (1743–1836) in Topsfield, Massachusetts.

8 July 1775

Lucy Mack (1775–1856) is born to Solomon (1732–1820) and Lydia Gates Mack (1732–1818) in Gilsum, New Hampshire.


Asael Smith family moves to Tunbridge, Vermont.


After her sister Lovina’s death, Lucy visits her brother Stephen in Tunbridge and meets Joseph Smith.

24 January 1796

Joseph and Lucy are married in Tunbridge.


Joseph and Lucy’s firstborn child, a son, dies at birth.

11 February 1798

Alvin Smith (1798–1823) is born in Tunbridge.

9 February 1800

Hyrum Smith (1800–1844) is born in Tunbridge.


Joseph Smith Sr. starts a store in Randolph, Vermont.


After storekeeping and ginseng trade ventures fail, the family moves back to Tunbridge, Vermont, circa 1802.

16 May 1803

Sophronia Smith (1803–76) is born in Tunbridge.


The Smiths sell their farm to pay outstanding debts.


The Smith family moves to Royalton, Vermont, for a brief time.


The Smith family moves to Solomon Mack’s farm in Sharon, Vermont.

23 December 1805

Joseph Smith Jr. (1805–44) is born in Sharon.

13 March 1808

Samuel Harrison Smith (1808–44) is born in Tunbridge.

13 March 1810

Ephraim Smith is born in Royalton and lives just 11 days.

11 March 1811

William Smith (1811–93) is born in Royalton.


The Smith family moves to West Lebanon, New Hampshire.


Hyrum attends Moor’s Charity School at Dartmouth College.


Nearly all the children contract typhus. Sophronia almost dies. Joseph develops a serious infection.


Dr. Nathan Smith successfully operates on Joseph Smith Jr.’s leg.

28 July 1813

Katharine Smith (1813–1900) is born in West Lebanon.


The Smith family moves to Norwich Township, Vermont.

25 March 1816

Don Carlos (1816–39) is born in Norwich.

27 March 1816

The Smith family is legally warned to leave Norwich under the state’s laws for dealing with poor newcomers to a town.


Joseph Smith Sr. moves to Palmyra, New York, and sends for the rest of the family once he is somewhat established.