Church History


    An Unusual Proposal

    Willard Richards expressed his interest in Jennetta Richards in an unusual way. This is how Orson F. Whitney described the exchange:

    “The young lady had been converted to Mormonism by Heber C. Kimball, who, after baptizing her, met his friend, who had not yet seen her, and said, ‘Willard, I baptized your wife today.’ Some time later, Willard, having formed Jennetta’s acquaintance, remarked to her, ‘Richards is a good name; I never want to change it, do you, Jennetta!’ ‘No, I do not,’ she replied, ‘and I think I never will.’ A few months later—September 24, 1838—they were married.”

    Orson F. Whitney, History of Utah, 4 vols. (1892–1904), 4:22