Church History


    Andrew White's Prediction

    Later accounts of what Russian writer Leo Tolstoy said about Mormonism to ambassador Andrew D. White probably actually reflect what White said to Tolstoy. In his 1901 account, White said he told Tolstoy that “the Mormons are no doubt the most laborious and decent people in the State of Utah” but that the long-term future of the faith remained uncertain. “This is their heroic period, when outside pressure keeps them firmly together and arouses their devotion,” said White. “The true test will come later, when there is less pressure and more knowledge, and when the young men who now are arising begin to ask questions, quarrel with each other, and split the whole body into sects and parties.”

    Andrew D. White, “Walks and Talks with Tolstoy,” McClure’s Magazine, Apr. 1901, 511