Church History


    Joseph Fielding Smith's Last Testimony

    On June 30th, 1972, Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith reflected on his mortality in the draft of a message for a coming youth conference in Texas:
    “Now, my young friends, as I stand at the edge of eternity, I want you to know that in my many years on the earth, I have found great joy and happiness. I have also known sorrow and loneliness […] Like you, I have been asked to give my life for the Savior – not in death, like my grandfather, Hyrum Smith, but in life, by choosing every day to recommit myself to be a follower of Jesus. In losing my life in His name, I have found it.”
    Pres. Smith died two days later, the day before he planned to record his message. 

    “Message from Joseph Fielding Smith to the South Central Area M-Man and Gleaner Conference to be held in Denton, Texas, on July 14, 15 and 16, 1972.” MS 25719 Church History Library.