Church History


    April Breakfast

    While serving a mission in 1880s Hawaii, Libbie Noall was asked to prepare breakfast at an April mission conference. “Suddenly a twinkle came into her eyes,” her husband recalled. “‘You’ll see,’ she said. When the mush was served an individual dish was, as usual, placed before President [Joseph F.] Smith. Three serving dishes were set along the middle of the table. One of the elders started to help himself at the same time that President Smith dipped into his portion. The expressions of their faces was a contrast to behold. One was laughing, the other resentful, as Libbie’s means of providing food became apparent.” She had placed a dish towel in the bottom of each bowel and covered only the very top of each with mush. Following Libbie’s “April Fool’s breakfast,” the missionaries bought a nice meal.

    Matthew Noall, “To my children, an autobiographical sketch,” 36–37, Church History Library, Salt Lake City