Church History


    "I love to wait upon the Saints"

    In a January 5, 1842 letter to Edward Hunter, Joseph Smith described the opening of his Nauvoo store:
    “I rejoice that we have been enabled to do as well as we have, for the hearts of many of the poor brethren & sisters will be made glad. . . . The store has been filled to overflowing all day & I have stood behind the counter all day myself dealing out goods as steady as any clerk you ever saw to oblige those who were compelled to go without their usual christmas & New years dinners for the want of a little Sugar, Molasses, Raisons . . . & to please myself also for I love to wait upon the Saints, and be a servant to all hoping that I may be exalted in the due time of the Lord.” 

    Joseph Smith Collection, Church History Library, Salt Lake City