Church History



    H. Grant Heaton recalled leaving Salt Lake City with Joseph Fielding and Jessie Smith for a tour of the Southern Far East Mission in 1955:
    “There was a large crowd of people to see us off, many of whom were General Authorities. In the confusion and hubbub of the departure, the train conductor tried to tell everyone to get aboard. He shouted it several times. President Smith and I boarded the train. Sister Heaton and Sister Smith were still saying their farewells as the train started to move. Sister Heaton started to board the moving train and almost dropped baby Grant Jr. under the train. Someone helped her recover. Sister Smith was still farewelling. Suddenly Bruce McConkie, a son-in-law, picked her up in his arms and ran to the train entrance and put her aboard. President Smith looked at me and said, ‘That woman will be late to her own funeral.’”

    H. Grant Heaton and Luana C. Heaton, comps., History of the Chinese and Southern Far East Mission, 1949–1959, Church History Library, Salt Lake City