Church History


    Recognizing Success

    In the late 1800s, Latter-day Saint women became some of the first women in the world to vote and hold elected political offices. Excitement was in the air, but Bishop Henry F. Burton hoped the widely recognized work of some Mormon women wouldn’t overshadow the quiet, week-to-week work of the rest. He told the sisters of his ward that they “were doing a great work in looking after and caring for the poor and comforting the broken hearted.” “When I read in the paper [of] the glorious success of women,” he said, “I feel that your labors are in a quieter way not to get the plaudits of man but to get the approbation of God.”

    Minutes, March 5, 1896, in Farmers Ward Relief Society minute book, 1896–1902, 9, Church History Library, Salt Lake City