Church History


    Taking Us off Our Feet

    By 1916, stake president James Wotherspoon noted, many families in the Weber North Stake had been blessed enough materially “so that we can say that if there be no crop this year I have money in the bank sufficient to keep my family for the time being.” As good as that was, he argued, it was also beginning to lead members up the pride cycle. “We see our neighbor putting on a little style and so we go and put on a little more, don’t we?” he said. “In fact we go pleasure mad, if we are to put it plainly. The pleasures of this life are taking us off our feet and unless we stop it something is going to happen, because we cannot keep it up. There are customs and styles and conditions crowding in among us which we cannot afford to keep up.” Thirteen years later, the stock market crashed and a long, hard economic depression began.

    Minutes, June 25, 1916, in Weber North Stake general minutes, page 29, Church History Library, Salt Lake City