Church History


    A Double Blessing in Kiribati

    While looking for a way to support his family, Tamton Ruata of Kiribati came up with a plan to build a large fish trap. The task of carrying enough rocks out to the right place in the ocean to complete the project, though, seemed impossible. “I prayed hard about the problem,” Brother Ruata recalled. The next day, he saw a tangle of debris, including some large pieces of Styrofoam, beached on his land. He recognized them as a potential answer to his problem. “With them, I built a raft, and with the raft, my sons and I built our fish trap. In fact, we built two.” From the traps, they were able to eat and even sell extra.

    R. Val Johnson, “The Seabirds of Kiribati,” Ensign, Dec. 2000, 41