Church History


    Pioneer Children Acting Out

    When Saints from New York gathered to Ohio in 1831, one of their first problems was learning how to manage so many excited children on a journey together. While riding down the Erie Canal, Lucy Mack Smith became worried that a child would get careless about low bridges and bruise its head or drown. “I then got the children together around me and said ‘Now, mark what I say to you. When I come up the stairs and raise my hand, you must every one of you run to me as fast as you can.’” The races got their attention and gave her a way to gather them when things got rowdy or dangerous. Thanks to making obedience fun, Lucy said, the children “never failed to do just as I told, not only in that but every thing else while I was with them.”

    Lucy Mack Smith, History, 1844–1845,” book 11, pages 4–5,; punctuation modernized