Church History


    Oliver’s Prompting

    When Oliver Cowdery came to Palmyra as a schoolteacher, he heard rumors about gold plates and a young visionary named Joseph Smith. But when he began lodging with Joseph’s parents, they were hesitant to say much about the plates, which Joseph had taken out of town to keep safe. When Oliver finally heard the whole story, he wanted to go meet Joseph and offer to help. That desire, he told Joseph’s mother, felt like it was “working in [his] very bones insomuch that [he could not] for a moment get rid of it.” He soon set off with Joseph’s brother Samuel, walking 150 miles to Joseph and Emma’s home in Pennsylvania, where he served as scribe for the translation.

    Lucy Mack Smith, “Lucy Mack Smith, History, 1844–1845,” book 8, page 1,