Church History


    Home, Sweet Home

    When the United States Army approached Salt Lake City in 1858 at the end of the Utah War, Saints in the northern settlements moved southward for safety. Margaret Clawson, a young mother, cared for 13 women, children, and elderly men in a shanty that leaked when it rained and allowed dust to cover the food when it was dry. Finally, the call came to return home. “Oh, what joyful news,” Margaret exulted. “All day and all night we could hear the teams traveling, the lowing of cattle, the bleating of sheep, the squealing of pigs. Why, what did we care for the dust or the noise! It was the sweetest music I ever heard, for it said ‘Home, Sweet Home.’”

    Margaret returned to a Salt Lake home where waist-high weeds filled the yard. But she was home. “It was so delightfully cool, after having lived an almost out-of-door life during the hot weather. The thick adobe walls, with windows that could be opened and closed, doors that could shut out the dust and noise. What pioneer comforts and conveniences we had in that loved home!”

    Margaret Gay Judd Clawson, “Rambling Reminiscences of Margaret Gay Judd Clawson,” Relief Society Magazine, Aug. 1919, 476