Church History


    An Unusual Meeting

    At the last meeting of a three-day conference, Brigham Young called on a certain brother to offer the opening prayer. The brother, his feelings hurt because he had not been asked to speak during the conference, stood. “The brother began,” recalled Susa Young Gates, “but the brother did not stop. Quarter of an hour, half an hour, and still another quarter of an hour, dragged along, and the brother was still praying. He was putting his long pent-up sermon into a series of thanks to the Lord.” When the prayer finally ended, Brigham didn’t even stand to conduct the rest of the meeting. Instead, he simply “turned to the choir, behind him, and announced in his resounding voice, ‘Choir, please sing, and we’ll dismiss.’”

    Susa Young Gates, “President Brigham Young: Anecdotes of the Great Pioneer and Leader,” Improvement Era, June 1905, 565–66