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Elise Reynolds

Things You Didn’t Know (or May Have Forgotten) about Sunday School

How much do you know about Sunday School? Brush up on your history trivia and learn more about this Church auxiliary organization in this post.
28 August 2017
Brian Simmons

The Original Book of Mormon Manuscript: From Analog to Digital

State-of-the-art multispectral imaging technology has made it possible to digitally rescue historic archival materials. Brian Simmons describes how we’ve rendered visible badly faded ink that is otherwise unreadable to the naked eye.
28 July 2017
Anne R. Berryhill

Truman Angell: From Apprentice to Church Architect

Truman Osborn Angell was born June 5, 1810, in North Providence, Rhode Island. He was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in January 1833. He helped build the Kirtland, Nauvoo, and Salt Lake Temples.
22 June 2017
Anne R. Berryhill

William Weeks: Gentleman Builder

William Weeks was a carpenter and builder born in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, in April 1813. For a brief biography, see the Joseph Smith Papers website.
16 June 2017
Anya Bybee

Hello and Welcome to the Library

Learn about the variety of educational and inspiring group tours and presentations available at the Church History Library. Anya Bybee, the event and tour coordinator, describes each opportunity and how to schedule one for your group.
27 June 2017
Tyson Thorpe

Why the Historical Record?

Some of you might be wondering why we named the Church History Library blog the Historical Record. The title comes from a magazine of the same name printed in the late 1800s by Andrew Jenson, assistant Church historian from 1897 to 1941.
28 March 2017
Michael Robison

Researching in the Periodical Index

Official Church magazines and other publications are fertile research sources. Michael Robison describes our efforts to make these materials easily searchable through indexing, and how to use the periodical index in the Church History Catalog.
17 August 2017
Christine T. Cox

Tales from the Trail

Mormon pioneers experienced more than just sorrow and hardship on the trek west. They experienced adventures, miracles, and humorous moments, too. Chris Cox shares some insights into pioneer life using the pioneers’ own words.
21 July 2017
Elise Reynolds

Daughters of God Exhibit

There is a lot of discussion about women and womanhood in the world at present. This month, the Church History Library is hosting a temporary exhibit entitled Daughters of God, which explores how Latter-day Saints might answer the question of what it means to be a woman.
24 March 2017
Keith A. Erekson

Three Types of Records You’ll Find at the Church History Library

Church and local records are produced daily as Church leaders, employees, and members carry out their normal activities.
17 March 2017