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The Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel Database
The Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel database is an important source of information for researchers. In this post, Faye Fischer describes the assets the database has to offer.
20 July 2018
George Laub’s Journal
You don’t have to be a prominent figure to provide valuable information to the historical record. In this post, Steven Hepworth describes the uniquely valuable journals of George Laub, an average Church member during the Nauvoo era.
6 July 2018
The History of Missionary Work and the Early Mormon Missionaries Database
The history of missionary work in the Church is as old as the Church itself. In this post, Ryan Combs describes this rich history and the Early Mormon Missionaries database, which gathers valuable missionary information.
28 June 2018
New in Church History Library Collections
The Church History Library acquires and digitizes interesting and important collections every day. Explore what’s new in the first in a series of posts highlighting exciting manuscripts and photographs.
21 June 2018
The Vietnam War as Seen in the Improvement Era
In this post, Michael Robison frames the Vietnam era through the lens of the Improvement Era and lists significant articles published in the Church periodical during the war.
25 May 2018
Significant Documents from Black Latter-day Saint History on Display
In conjunction with the First Presidency’s “Be One” commemorative event, the Church History Library is displaying documents that depict the rich history of black Latter-day Saints. Learn more about these important documents in this post.
21 May 2018
Gems from the Brigham Young Office Files
Jay Burrup’s three-part series on the Brigham Young Office Files collection concludes with several examples of the interesting and inspiring letters awaiting discovery. Our reference staff is ready to help with your research.
19 April 2018
Searching the Brigham Young Office Files Collection
In the second of three posts about the massive Brigham Young Office Files collection, Jay Burrup shares useful suggestions for exploring its fascinating contents through the Church History Catalog.
10 April 2018
Did Your Ancestors or Relatives Write to Brigham Young?
The Brigham Young Office Files are a key digital collection at the library and comprises thousands of pages of incoming and outgoing correspondence. Discover what it offers in the first of a three-post series.
20 March 2018
Mormon Pioneer Emigration Facts
Whether you’re preparing for a pioneer trek reenactment or researching the Mormon pioneer experience, these fascinating insights into the realities of life in wagon and handcart companies may surprise you.
6 March 2018