Patriarchal Blessings at the Church History Library
    In this second of two posts on patriarchal blessings, library staff explain how blessings are processed and preserved and how you can access your blessing and the blessings of family members online.
    6 May 2019
    Woman’s Exponent—I Would Learn the Healer’s Art: Medicine and Remedies
    In this second post in a series highlighting the Woman’s Exponent magazine, Jen Barkdull uses quotes to feature women’s attitudes toward medicine and home health care.
    25 April 2019
    A History of Patriarchs and Patriarchal Blessings
    In the first of two posts, we share a brief history of the office of the patriarch and the efforts of the Church History Library to preserve patriarchal blessings. Part two will cover how to request blessings and how blessings are preserved.
    26 March 2019
    Woman's Exponent—Women's Rights and Suffrage
    Using quotes from the recently digitized Woman’s Exponent, Jen Barkdull explains how Latter-day Saint women used the magazine to express their unique views on women’s rights and suffrage.
    13 March 2019
    Where Are the Records?
    In this post Elise Reynolds describes some of the reasons why the Church History Library might not have the records you are looking for.
    19 February 2019
    The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper and the Influenza Epidemic of 1918
    In this post, historian Justin Bray describes the history of the communal sacrament cup and its connection to the flu epidemic of 1918 with research from the library’s collections.
    14 January 2019
    Recently Digitized Collections, December 2018
    Explore dozens of collections recently digitized to enable your research wherever you are in the world.
    20 December 2018
    Memories of Christmas Past
    This post explores Christmas memories through handwritten accounts found in journals and correspondence archived at the Church History Library.
    18 December 2018
    Recently Digitized Collections, November 2018
    Explore dozens of collections recently digitized to enable your research wherever you are in the world.
    27 November 2018
    Staff Picks
    In this post, Church History Library staff share notable and favored collections that could be a starting point for your research.
    20 November 2018