New Experience
Remembering World War I: The 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day
In this post commemorating the 100th anniversary of the armistice, archivist and military historian Alison White shares library collections related to World War I.
9 November 2018
Joseph F. Smith and the Vision of the Redemption of the Dead
In this post Anne Berryhill describes library collections relating to the Prophet Joseph F. Smith and his vision of the redemption of the dead.
1 November 2018
Recently Digitized Library Collections, October 2018
The library digitizes thousands of images each month for use by worldwide visitors to our online catalog. In this article, you’ll find October’s list of recently digitized materials to explore.
29 October 2018
One Grand Adventure: Photographs of Ellen Johanna Larson Smith
In this post, Christine Cox highlights a unique photograph collection and discusses how acquiring the collection introduced historians to its determined, pioneering creator.
11 September 2018
Digital Access to Wilford Woodruff’s Journals
Wilford Woodruff’s journals are now available in the Church History Catalog. This post describes just how influential and important Wilford Woodruff’s journals are in the study of Church history.
29 August 2018
The Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel Database
The Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel database is an important source of information for researchers. In this post, Faye Fischer describes the assets the database has to offer.
20 July 2018
George Laub’s Journal
You don’t have to be a prominent figure to provide valuable information to the historical record. In this post, Steven Hepworth describes the uniquely valuable journals of George Laub, an average Church member during the Nauvoo era.
6 July 2018
The History of Missionary Work and the Early Mormon Missionaries Database
The history of missionary work in the Church is as old as the Church itself. In this post, Ryan Combs describes this rich history and the Early Mormon Missionaries database, which gathers valuable missionary information.
28 June 2018
New in Church History Library Collections
The Church History Library acquires and digitizes interesting and important collections every day. Explore what’s new in the first in a series of posts highlighting exciting manuscripts and photographs.
21 June 2018
The Vietnam War as Seen in the Improvement Era
In this post, Michael Robison frames the Vietnam era through the lens of the Improvement Era and lists significant articles published in the Church periodical during the war.
25 May 2018