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The Trek


John Moon

The Convert Immigrants

Pioneer Story

“I feel myself glad to find my feet upon the land of Joseph after so long and tedious a journey; we have had a very long voyage. . . . The captain said we had a very hard voyage for the season. . . . On the 8th [June] we had a very high wind and water came over the bulwarks all that day and all was sick. I never saw such a day in all my days. Some crying, some vomiting; pots, pans, tins and boxes walking in all directions; the ship heaving the sea roaring and so we passed that day.”

“I feel glad that we have got so far on our journey. I feel somewhat sorry for all those who have to come after us . . . you must expect great tribulation on the way to Zion” (Quoted in a letter by William Clayton to Brigham Young, 19 August 1840, Brigham Young Papers, Family and Church History Department Archives, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).