New Experience



    Activity Carts

    Activity carts are mobile, interactive learning centers where you can reach out and touch the past. As you visit the museum, keep an eye out for these fun, unscheduled learning opportunities.

    Record-Keeping Tools of Latter-day Prophets

    Latter-day Saints are a record-keeping people. Come learn about the records latter-day prophets have kept and try your hand at the tools they used to make these records.

    Printing of the Book of Mormon

    Most Latter-day Saints know the story of how Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon. But what happened next? Come see the very printing press that published the first edition of that Book, and handle replicas of some of the tools that 19th century printers would have used.

    Pine Gets a Makeover

    Through wood graining and other techniques, early pioneers in the Salt Lake Valley used basic materials to make some of the most beautiful buildings in the West. Come have a go at wood graining.

    Do You Have Rhythm?

    Children in the 19th century didn’t have video games, but they did have whimmy diddles, limberjacks, and other fun toys. You and your children can come play with these and other rhythm toys here at the Church History Museum.

    What Were the Golden Plates Like?

    We don’t know exactly what the golden plates looked like, but thanks to several eyewitness accounts, we can get a pretty good idea. We have two replicas of the plates that you can handle. Turn their pages, feel their weight, and more at this activity cart.