New Experience



    Gallery Talks

    Gallery talks dive into the stories of some of the key men, women, artifacts, and events in the history of the Church. To plan your visit, check which gallery talks are going on today at the museum!

    “The Song of the Righteous”

    A 20 minute Gallery Talk in the Kirtland Temple room of “The Heavens Are Opened.” Hymn singing has always been a part of Latter-day Saint worship services, but it will surprise you to discover exactly which hymns the early Saints sang and how they sang them.

    Joseph Smith: Prophet and Statesman

    Learn about the first Mormon candidate for president of the United States, and cast your vote in one of history’s most important elections during this 20 minute Gallery Talk.



    Smith Farm Panorama

    Joseph Smith’s childhood farm was the site of many extraordinary, spiritual experiences; it was also a place where a large family worked, played, learned, and grew together. Learn about the Smith family’s lives and labors in this 20 minute interactive program.

    "What-E’re Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part

    In 1898 a young missionary named David O. McKay discovered a carved stone bearing a message that changed his life. There may be more to this stone, however, than meets the eye. This 30-minute interactive Gallery Talk designed especially for children and families explores the lives of each of the Presidents of the Church.