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    Lola Garcia Rossie, Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

    Testimony of Joseph Smith

    I have a testimony of Joseph Smith because I know that the heavens were opened, and that has brought me so much closer to the Church of Jesus Christ because through Joseph Smith I, I have come to know for myself, through prayer, that Heavenly Father, and through Jesus Christ, His Son, they were able to come to the earth and give the truth to Joseph Smith, and Joseph Smith was able to restore the Church of Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, and I know it because I had to pray and ask Heavenly Father, through His Son Jesus Christ, if this was His Church, and when I knew that this was true I had no doubt about being in the Church of Jesus Christ on the earth. And now I want, with my testimony, to inspire everyone so that you can know the truth for yourselves like I know it, because we all need to shine with our own light in order to have a personal testimony of Joseph Smith. I love this man [Joseph Smith] with all my heart. I want to tell you all that I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is the church here on the earth that was restored by Joseph Smith and that this church has the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and this gospel was given by the heavens. The heavens opened in order for us to know that Heavenly Father is a being with flesh and bones, the same as Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith is the prophet who can testify to us that the Father is a divine being and that He has a body. And that is the most wonderful thing, to know that we can embrace a father and we can tell Him that we love Him.