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    How to Locate the Complete Source Information for an Item in the Church History Catalog

    The complete source information is essential for seeking permission from the Intellectual Property Office and for obtaining images or files. The complete source information may include the collection call number, box number, folder number, item number, image number, or other container number (for example, reel, VHS, or cassette number).

    Please note: Failure to provide all the requested information may affect the timing and outcome of the response to your request.

    1. Identify the desired item by searching in the Church History Catalog.
      • The search results will appear beneath the search bar.
      • Click on a title to reveal more details about that collection.
    2. Record the collection title.
      General conference, Western States Mission: Denver, Colorado, 1919 June 22


    3. Record the collection call number (located under the title).
      PH 3713
      MS 1234
      LR 1259 2
      CR 375 8
    4. Beneath the title and call number, you may see one of three green buttons.


    If the View Finding Aid or View buttons appear, please see Section 1: How to Locate the Complete Source Information for a Digitized Item.

    If the Suggest Digitization button appears or if there is no button, please see Section 2: How to Locate the Complete Source Information for an Item That Is Not Digitally Available.