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Photograph Credits


The First Vision: Journey to the Sacred Grove

Sacred Grove--Jon Holdaway 

The State of New York--John H. Eddy, 1818. Courtesy

Smith Log Home, Winter--D. Brent Walton

Vermont settlers ca. 1816 (woodcut)--Courtesy of the American Antiquarian Society

Maple Sugar Production (woodcut)--Courtesy of the estate of Helen and Scott Nearing and

Camp Meeting of the Methodists in N. America--Matthew Dubourg, 1819. Courtesy Library of Congress.

Smith Farm, Sunset--Corey Larson 

Holy Bible, Smith Log Home--D. Brent Walton

Smith Farm Trees--Gary L. Boatright Jr.

In the Sacred Grove--Kristen Crespo

The Book of Mormon: From Cumorah to Grandin's Press

Moroni Monument--D. Brent Walton, 2014

Smith Log Home Window--D. Brent Walton

Smith Log Home, Dusk--D. Brent Walton

Hill Cumorah--Welden C. Andersen

Smith Frame Home--Corey Larsen

Type case in E. B. Grandin Building--D. Brent Walton

Book of Mormon in E. B. Grandin Bookstore--D. Brent Walton