Church History


    Citation Guidelines

    for Materials and Collections

    Citations in professional and other publications that reference historical collections or web resources of the Church History Department should credit the institution in a way that will help researchers locate the original source at the Church History Library, the Church History Museum, or online. The following citation guidelines are designed to provide as much information as possible about each source, and researchers can adapt them to meet the style requirements for a particular project or publication.



    Identification of manuscripts should include the author, title, dates of item, type of item (microfilm of holograph, typescript, etc.), collection name (if applicable), and the repository.

    George Teasdale, journal, August 29, 1853, microfilm of holograph, George Teasdale Papers, Church History Library, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah (hereafter cited as Church History Library.

    Susan A. Gates, reminiscence, ca. 1890, holograph, Church History Library.

    Paul Doran letter to Charles B. Taylor, February 19, 1891, Correspondence, 1891-1894, Charles B. Taylor Papers, Woodward Family Collection, 1851-1979, Church History Library.



    In citing general Church records, one should provide the item description, date, collection name, page number (if applicable), and the repository.

    Journal History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, January 4, 1892, 3, Church History Library, Hereafter cited as Journal History.

    George A. Smith letter to Richard Lyman,  October 30, 1854, Historian’s Office letterpress copybooks, 1 : 12-14, Church History Library.

    Deceased member records, 1941-1988, Church History Library.



    Citations for local Church records should include the item description, date, collection name, page number (if applicable), and the repository.

    Sunday School minutes, August, 30, 1888, Ogden 2nd Ward, Weber Stake, Church History Library.

    Sacrament meeting minutes, December 2, 1945, Denver 3rd Ward, Denver Stake, Church History Library.

    Record of Members Collection, Form E, 1907-1970, Kamas Ward, Summit South Stake, Church History Library.



    Photograph citations and captions should contain a description, date, name of photographer, collection name (if applicable), and the repository. 

    James and Jane Smith, ca. 1900, A.W. Compton, photographer, Church History Library. (Not part of a collection.)

    Provo 6th Ward meetinghouse with a Sunday School class posing in front, unknown photographer, ca. 1930, Church History Library.

    Salt Lake City from Arsenal Hill looking south showing the Salt Lake Tabernacle, ca. 1870, C.W. Carter, photographer, C. W. Carter Collection, Church History Library.



    Citations for audiovisual records should document the name(s) of person(s) involved, description of item, date of recording, format, collection name, and the repository.

    Frederick Salem Williams, address, 1972, audiotape, Church History Library.

    David O. McKay in Hawaii, 1936, scene numbers 150-155, motion picture, Henry Castle Hadlock Murphy Collection, ca. 1930-1947, Church History Library.



    Citations should include the name of the architect (if known), name of the architectural firm (if known), building name, date, collection name, and the repository. If it is an official Church building, the Church may be listed as the author or architect in the case of an unsigned document.

    Donald Stewart, Stewart and Richardson, West Hills Ward building, 1957-1959, architectural drawing, West Hills Ward, Portland Stake, Church History Library.

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Roanoke Branch meetinghouse, January 1949, architectural drawing, William Frederick Thomas Collection, Church History Library.



    Citations for oral histories should contain the name of the person being interviewed, the interviewer, the location and date of the interview, the collection name, and the repository.

    Emmanuel Abu Kissi, oral history, interviewed by Matthew K. Heiss, Accra, Ghana, and Salt Lake City, Utah, 1998, 1999, 2002, James Moyle Oral History Program, Church History Library.



    Published items do not generally need to be cited to a specific collection or repository because they are widely available. However, if a published book or item was only produced on a very limited scale (as is the case for many family or personal histories), citations should document where a copy can be located.

    Viva Cluff Whetton and Lillian Jones Richins, comps. The Morten P. Mortensen Family (Provo, UT: Brigham Young University Print Services, 1995), copy available at Church History Library.



    Citation information for artwork and artifacts should include the title, artist, date, medium, dimensions, and the repository. For items loaned to the Church History Department, it is up to the researcher to find out whether the owner of the artwork or artifact wishes recognition in citations.

    Items loaned to the Church History Department for temporary exhibition:

    If the private owner wishes the recognition:

    Doll bed, made by C. C. A. Christensen, n.d., wood and polychrome, 7 ¾” high x 9” wide x 15 5/8: long (19.75 cm x 23 cm 39.75 cm), courtesy of Erla Coulston.

    If the private owner does not wish the recognition:

    Doll bed, made by C. C. A. Christensen, n.d., wood and polychrome, 7 ¾” high x 9” wide x 15 5/8: long (19.75 cm x 23 cm 39.75 cm), private collection.

    If the owner is another institution:

    Christ with Mary and Martha, attributed to Minerva Teichert, 1941, oil on canvas, 36”x48”, loaned by Brigham Young University Museum of Fine Arts, gift of Tom Jones.

    Items owned by the Church History Department

    The Handcart Company, attributed to C. C. A. Christensen, 1900, oil on canvas, 25 3/8” x 38 5/16” (64.5 cm x 97.3 cm), collection of the Church History Museum.



    Copies of documents retrieved via online research should be cited using the information elements appropriate to the originals with the addition of the URL of the online version.

    Isaac Morley letter to Brigham Young, March 7, 1846, General Correspondence, Incoming, 1840-1877, Brigham Young Office Files, 1832-1878, Church History Library,



    Citations for original content from Church History Department web pages should contain the author (if any), the title or description of the page, the owner or sponsor of the site, and the URL. Also include a publication or revision date. If no such date can be determined, an access date may be used.

    Joseph F. Darowski and James Goldberg, “Restoring the Ancient Order: D&C 102, 107,” Church History Department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, last modified October 3, 2013,

    “Isaiah Moses Coombs,” Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel: 1847-1868, Church History Department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, accessed September 17, 2014,



    Permission to publish from Church history collections is granted by the Church Intellectual Property Office. For information on how to submit copyright request forms, visit