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Stake, District, and Mission Annual Histories


This website provides useful information, tools, links, and resources to help with the preparation of stake, district, and mission annual histories. Please begin with the e-learning link below.

Stake, district, and mission annual histories are an important aspect of the Lord’s mandate for the Church to keep a record and a history continually of all important things that transpire in Zion, including the manner of life, faith, and works of the Saints (see D&C 47:3, 69:3, and 85:1-2). The Stake, District, and Mission Annual Histories guide has been provided as a tool and reference to understand the process of assigning, gathering, compiling, approving, and submitting annual histories. This guide is available in 15 languages. Simplified instructions and annual history submission cover sheets are available in several additional languages. Hard copies can be ordered through Distribution Services at


Complete Guide


Stake and District

Cover Sheet


Cover Sheet