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in Every Land

“Break the Soil of Bitterness”

One Woman’s Quest for Healing

In this video, family members and friends of Sister Mavimbela describe how tragedy earlier in her life set her on a course toward service and spiritual healing later in life.

Lecture Highlights

“Joseph Smith: Candidate for US President”

An Evening with Susan Easton Black and George Durrant

In 1844, newspaper editors asked, “Who shall be the next president?” From New York to Michigan, the Carolinas and Missouri, the question begged for an answer in the United (but-too-often-divided) States. 

of Conviction

Aunt Zina

The Life of Zina Young Williams Card

Zina Young Card was remembered as a woman who gave her life in "devoted and selfless service to family, church, and state" and for a "courage born of faith ... worthy of the noble heritage that was hers."

of the Collection

Joseph Smith: Prophet and City Leader

Museum Treasures

The sign that once labeled Joseph Smith’s office in Nauvoo’s Red Brick Store draws attention to his position as prophet, yet it hung in a place where he filled many additional roles. 

David W. Patten’s Rifle, Watch, and Powder Horn

Museum Treasures

Before sunrise on October 25, 1838, David W. Patten donned this watch and carried his rifle and powder horn, intending to rescue three Latter-day Saint hostages from renegade Missouri militiamen.

Church History Daily

The Capital God Has Given Us

As Brigham Young passed through poverty and plenty time and time again in the early years of the Church, he developed a key insight that he later passed on to his daughters. “Our time is all the capital God has given us,” he told them, “and if we waste that we are bankrupt indeed.”

Susa Young Gates, History of the Young Ladies’ Mutual Improvement Association of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, from November 1869 to June 1910 (1911), 9


of the Restoration

Gordon B. Hinckley Exhibit

15th President: 1995–2008

Gordon B. Hinckley shared both his optimism and strong sense of accountability with Latter-day Saints. He worked to bring temples to the Saints, bring the Church out of obscurity, and strengthen the youth.

Upcoming Events

Evenings at the Museum

2017 Schedule

The Church’s spiritual, artistic, and cultural legacy grows every day. Learn more about the Church’s past, present, and future from guest speakers and performers from around the world.

in Context

“Man Was Also in the Beginning with God”

D&C 93

Joseph Smith learned that men and women were co-eternal with God and could become like Him. Speaking with revealed assurance, he taught: “The soul, the mind of man, whare did it come from? The learned says God made it in the beginning, but it is not so. I know better. God has told me so.”

Behold, there shall be a record kept among you.

D&C 21:1