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in Every Land

“Our Living Room Became the Sacrament Hall”

Sabbath Day Worship during the Freeze

In June 1989, the government of Ghana banned LDS Church meetings. As long as the ban lasted, Church members had to observe the Sabbath without meeting as wards and branches.

Lecture Highlights

“Soaring with the Condor”

An Evening with Los Hermanos de los Andes

Los Hermanos de los Andes is an Andean folk group with a 25-year history. Their purpose is to preserve and share their rich musical heritage using authentic ethnic instruments dating back to the ancient Incan civilization.

of the Collection

Joseph Smith’s Heritage

Museum Treasures

Both of Joseph’s grandfathers had experiences and beliefs that influenced the Smith family and prepared Joseph to be the Prophet of the Restoration.

Church History Daily

Learning from Nature

“We are not alone. [God] attempts to teach us in all things. Many, many such teachings come to us from each and every creature in creation. A tiny ant teaches us about industriousness and hard work. A bee teaches us about organization and foresight. We learn additional lessons from flowers, plants, and all of nature.” 

Horacio A. Tenorio, “Teachings of a Loving Father,” Ensign, May 1990, 79


of the Restoration

The First Vision: A Narrative from Joseph Smith’s Accounts

Joseph Smith left four personal accounts of the First Vision. Combined, these accounts are a rich resource, providing Latter-day Saints with a greater understanding of this significant event. The following retelling of the story of the First Vision combines details from each of the accounts.

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Evenings at the Museum

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The Church's spiritual, artistic, and cultural legacy grows every day! Learn more about the Church's past, present, and future from guest speakers and performers from around the World.

in Context

Peace and War

D&C 87

Andrew Jackson's peaceful resolution of the Nullification Crisis pleased everyone, but must have puzzled Joseph Smith. He and others probably expected the fulfillment of his Christmas day prophecy on war to unfold before them in 1833.

Behold, there shall be a record kept among you.

D&C 21:1