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in Every Land

“Our Living Room Became the Sacrament Hall”

Sabbath Day Worship during the Freeze

In June 1989, the government of Ghana banned LDS Church meetings. As long as the ban lasted, Church members would have to observe the Sabbath without meeting as wards and branches.

Lecture Highlights

of Conviction

Branch Builder in Vietnam

Thi Thu Ha’s Mission

Thi Thu Ha was determined to serve a branch building mission in her native Vietnam. Little did she know how much patience, faith, and work it would take to realize her dream.

of the Collection

Lucy Mack Smith’s Gold Bead

Museum Treasures

This tiny gold bead is easy to overlook among all the larger pieces in the museum, but it carries a story that gives us important insight into the faith and character of the Prophet Joseph Smith’s parents.

Foundations of Faith Exhibit

Treasures from the Church's Historical Collections

This new exhibit, available online and at the Church History Library in Salt Lake City, tells the story of the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ through some of its most treasured documents.

Church History Daily

Callings and Blessings

When it was first dictated, Doctrine and Covenants 81 gave counsel and promised blessings to Jesse Gause, a recently called counselor to Joseph Smith. Gause did not remain faithful to his calling, however, and Frederick G. Williams was soon called to replace him. The counsel and promises of the revelation were then shifted to Williams. It is his name and not Gause’s that has appeared in published versions of the revelation.

Robin Scott Jensen, “Jesse Gause: Counselor to the Prophet,”


of the Restoration

Howard W. Hunter Exhibit

14th President: 1994–1995

Discover Howard W. Hunter's devotion to the gospel, and love for the temple, through the videos and images of his ministry and teachings.

Upcoming Events

2015 Lecture Series

Pioneers in Every Land

“Pioneers in Every Land” is the theme of the 2015 Lecture Series at the Church History Library in Salt Lake. Videos of each presentation will be available online after the events. 

in Context

Behold, there shall be a record kept among you.

D&C 21:1