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Frederick Kesler

Although a non-contemporary typescript list in Journal History (Supp. after 31 Dec. 1851, 6A) lists the Kesler family as coming in the 1851 John Brown company, Kesler's autobiography states that he was a captain of the 2nd Ten in Orson Pratt's company. Pratt was a nominal leader in the Cummings company so the Kesler family must have traveled in the Cummings company, not the Brown company.



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  • Trail Excerpt
  • Source Location
  • Church History Library, Salt Lake City
  • Kesler, Frederick, Autobiography, in Ned R. Veater, Veater Family History, 1787-1990 [1990], 359.
  • Trail Excerpt
  • Source Location
  • Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah
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