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John Lewis Dunyon

John was a physician who first arrived in Utah in 1850 enroute to California with his son Isaac Newton Dunyon (see Isaac's obituary Deseret Evening News, 17 Feb. 1917, 2). While Isaac continued west, The Dr. remained in Salt Lake City, and converted to the LDS Church. He later returned east for his family, but his wife (Sarah Ann Reeve) refused to move west. In 1853 Dunyon and three of his children (which three is unclear) started across the plains in company with Abigail Cadwalader Brown and Ann Kempton Brown. Also in this fast-moving group were Levi Stewart and a Bro. Haight. By the time they arrived at Wood River, Nebraska the Dr. and his party seem to have joined the Joseph W. Young Company (see life sketch of Mary Lois Walker).


Company Unknown (1853)Age at departure: 42


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