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Barbara Gowans


Milo Andrus Company (1855)Age at departure: Infant


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  • Source Location
  • Utah Digital Newspapers Website
  • Bowen, Barbara Gowans, [Autobiographical sketch], "Genealogical Surveys of L.D.S. Members," 35 vols., 3:321.
  • Source Location
  • Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Bowen, Barbara Gowans, History of the Life of Barbara Gowans Bowen, 1-2. (Trail excerpt transcribed from "Pioneer History Collection" available at Pioneer Memorial Museum [Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum], Salt Lake City, Utah. Some restrictions apply.)
  • Trail Excerpt
  • Source Location
  • Pioneer Memorial Museum (Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum), Salt Lake City, Utah
  • History of Tooele County
  • Source Location
  • Church History Library, Salt Lake City
  • New FamilySearch/Family Tree