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Church History


Journal History of the Church

A day by day history of the Church from 1830–2008 taken mostly from newspapers, but also from some minutes and diary entries. A copy is located on the North wall of the Church History Library. It is arranged by date, with the page numbers restarting with each date.

  • Index for 1830–1972

    The index for 1830–1972 of the Journal History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a card index available as digital images.

  • Journal History Index 1990-

    From 1990–2008 the Journal History was indexed through the Church History Library's cataloging system. Click this link to access the library catalog and then click the "Index" tab to search only those articles appearing in newspapers and periodicals.

  • Journal History Research Guide

    Learn more about this valuable Church History resource and how to explore its content.