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Art Submission Registration

We encourage all artists to pre-register. Artists who participated in the Ninth International Art Competition are already registered and should update their contact information. Artists who are registered will receive periodic updates.

To have your name added to our artist database for our next competition, please complete the following steps:

If you do not have an LDS Account, please click on the link below and complete the information needed to receive your user ID and password. To register for a new LDS Account, you will need the following information: 

  • Your membership record number. (Your MRN can be obtained from your ward or branch clerk. If you have a temple recommend, the number can be found on the recommend under “Record number.”)
  • Your date of birth.
  • Your email address.

Please note that you can create an LDS Account without entering your membership record number. However, the International Art Competition website will not allow you to submit your entry without your membership record number in your LDS Account. Click the link below to register for an account.

By submitting your artist profile, you will receive information about our next competition as it becomes available.

Click on the link below to update or create your artist profile. You will need to use your LDS Account ID and password.