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Bringing the Gospel Home to Cambodia

How Vichit Ith Brought His New Faith Back to His Native Land

Twenty years after being driven from his homeland by war, Vichit Ith came back to introduce the Church that had helped him find peace. 

Lecture Highlights

Evening with Elder Bruce C. Hafen

Evenings at the Museum Lecture

Elder Hafen shares stories and insights about President Brigham Young and President Wilford Woodruff, two Church presidents who played key roles in the early history of the St. George temple.

of Conviction

of the Collection

Deciphering Shorthand

Shorthand Specialist Unlocks a Trove of Early Sermons

Watch this brief video to learn more about George Watt, shorthand, and the Lost Sermons project.

Church History

Very Talented Drinkers

Before lampooning Mormons in his comic sketch “A Visit to Brigham Young,” Charles Farrar Browne (whose pen name was Artemus Ward) devoted a few lines to the US soldiers that had been sent out in the Utah War of 1857: “I arrove at Salt Lake in doo time. At Camp Scott there was a lot of U. S. sojers, hosstensibly sent out thare to smash the mormons but really to eat Salt vittles & play poker . . . I got acquainted with sum of the officers. Thay lookt putty scrumpshus in their Bloo coats with brass buttings onto um & ware very talented drinkers, but so fur as fitin is consarned I'd willingly put my wax figgers agin the hull party.”

Charles Farrar Browne, “Artemus Ward Visits Brigham Young,” Vanity Fair, vol. 2 (1860), 231


of the Restoration

Lorenzo Snow

5th President: 1898 - 1901

Lorenzo Snow was born April 3, 1814, in Mantua, Ohio. As Church President at the dawning of the twentieth century, he opened a new era in Latter-day Saint history. He died in Salt Lake City on October 10, 1901, at the age of 87.

Upcoming Events

Alexander Schreiner

A Legacy of Music

On August 14, 2014, Dr. Daniel F. Berghout, composer, organist, and teacher, will provide an in-depth look into the life of Church organist Alexander Schreiner in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square.

in Context

“Wrought Upon” to Seek a Revelation

D&C 108

Lyman Sherman had followed the Spirit’s promptings to join the Church and to walk a thousand miles with Zion’s camp.  But he still felt a deep, personal yearning to know of his standing before the Lord.

Behold, there shall be a record kept among you

D&C 21:1